Sletten’s dedicated industrial team brings a wealth of experience that focuses on the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations, dams and all associated water system components, totaling over $1.5 billion in the last 56 years.

Our innovative industrial specialists can provide the solutions you need for a cleaner, more fuel-efficient facility, that also withstands harsh winters, desert summers and unexpected geological events. Most importantly, we understand the need to keep any facility we’re working in operating, and we have the ability through expertise, planning, and dedication to guarantee that need is met. With experience working in occupied facilities and maintenance of plant operations throughout the construction period (MOPOs), Sletten Is able to self-perform critical portions of the work such as concrete, piping, equipment assembly and installation, yard piping, and orchestrating startup. In addition, we provide startup and documentation of the equipment, instruments, processes and overall plant operations.

In the 56 years our Industrial Division has been established, we have also been hard at work understanding the market and nurturing relationships with the suppliers and subcontractors with the expertise necessary for our specialty work. Our team has the industry specific knowledge and experience to complete your industrial project smoothly, on time and within your budget.

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