MEP Coordination

Our in-house MEP Coordination team works with the Owner, the third party Cx agent, the subcontractors and design team to ensure are MEP systems are designed correctly and functioning as intended.

Our MEP team helps coordinate the subcontractors to manage project costs, timelines, integration, and final completion seamlessly from preconstruction to systems demonstration.

Sletten Construction’s MEP Coordination includes:

  • Design and Constructability Reviews with Design Engineers and Subcontractors
  • Energy Consumption of the MEP Systems
  • Direct Digital Control System Sequence of Operations Review
  • MEP Submittal Review
  • QA/QC of MEP Systems
  • Fire Life Systems
  • Shelter-In-Place
  • Coordination of Systems Start-up

Our in-house commissioning services include the development and coordination and execution of a commissioning plan which includes the testing, observing, and documenting systems performance ensuring that systems are functioning in accordance with the design intent and the Contract Documents.

Our process includes:

  • Ensuring commissioned features and systems are properly installed
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