Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) method of project delivery blends assessment of pricing, scheduling, and team qualifications while limiting the Owner’s risk. The CMAR firm contracts directly to the Owner, as does the Design Team. All three entities partner throughout the design to create a cohesive, constructible, innovative set of design documents that meet the Owner’s scope requirements and budget.

The CMAR enters into a GMP contract with the Owner, which assures the project will be constructed for no more than the amount designated in the signed contract, and no longer than the agreed completion date. Using a GMP provides peace of mind to the Owner since budget overruns on the contracted scope of work in excess of the GMP is assumed by the CMAR. If the project is delivered below the GMP, cost savings are typically shared between the Owner and the CMAR.

Unlike the Design-Build delivery, the Owner is expected to take an equal part in Design meetings and will continue to provide design direction, with input from both the Architect and Contractor, throughout Design. CMAR allows for more Owner control in selecting CMAR staff and subcontractors. At Sletten Construction, we use the CMAR process to save the Owner money, build on tight schedules and deliver success on every project.

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