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For years, Sletten, a LEED certified construction company, has helped to build this amazingly beautiful state of Arizona, from the ground up. Our projects have included constructing facilities such as airport, aviation, gaming, casino, hospitality, hotel, bank, educational, university, campus, school, performing arts, auditorium, law enforcement, prison, detention, border patrol, justice, and more. If you live anywhere in the great state of AZ, you have probably been in one of the buildings that we've constructed. And if you live in the Tucson or Phoenix AZ area, you have probably been many of the facilities we’ve built.

Sletten quickly becomes the construction company of choice for all of our clients. The reason is simple. We provide exceptional work, full services and being on-time and on-budget is standard operating procedure for us. Unfortunately, not many other construction companies in Arizona can truthfully say such a thing. It's just how we do things. After all, nobody likes surprises when it comes to their construction project. We certainly don’t and neither do you.

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