Why Choose Sletten Construction Company for Your California Building Project?

Here at Sletten Construction, we pride ourselves on completing exceptional projects throughout the western United States on time and within budget. We handle a variety of projects and have various specialty divisions to ensure we meet and exceed your project’s goals.

Our Construction Process

 We’ve streamlined our workflows over the course of many successful construction projects right here in California and throughout the western United States. The initial consultation is an important part of the process because it gives us a thorough understanding of the client’s budget and other needs. The project begins to take shape after we gather requirements and set goals, so our team can begin with the end in mind. We assume responsibility for every part of the project that falls within our scope, and we work through clear goals to complete construction.

Our Construction Services

 As a leader among full-service construction companies in California, we provide flexible services throughout the following categories:

  • Design / Build – We partner with an Architect, providing a single point of contact for design and construction.
  • Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) – Our established preconstruction services mitigate the Owner’s risk by identifying and achieving critical goals ahead of time.
  • General Construction and Construction Management – Our experts throughout California work to complete construction projects to Owner satisfaction.

California Construction Companies

 You can already find examples of successful work by Sletten Construction throughout California. We’ve completed projects on time and under budget in places like Yuba City, Hollister, and California City. Contact Sletten Construction today to work with a leading California construction company on your next project.


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