Why Choose a 100% Employee-Owned Company for Your Nevada Building Project

We at Sletten Construction take pride in being 100% Employee-Owned. Our employees each have a personal stake in the outcome of your project both financially and professionally. We are committed to creating innovative solutions to each challenge we face, taking time and putting forth the effort to ensure your project goals are met.


Our Construction Process

 Over the course of many successful projects in Nevada, we’ve established streamlined workflows to complete construction projects. We always begin with the end in mind, taking the time to understand each client’s goals and requirements. We work with the Owner to establish clear objectives then assume responsibility for every part of the project within our scope. We collaborate and communicate consistently as we drive construction projects toward completion.


Our Construction Services

 As a leading full-service construction company in Nevada, Sletten Construction has the resources to provide services in all of the following categories:


  • Design / Build – We partner with an Architect, providing a single point of contact for design and construction.
  • Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) – We thoroughly review pre-construction and construction documentation to guarantee the project will not exceed a maximum price.
  • General Construction and Construction Management – Our deep network in Nevada is at your disposal to complete your construction project on time and within budget.


Nevada Construction Companies

 You can find examples of successful Sletten Construction projects all over the state. We have delivered projects on time and under budget in cities including Las Vegas, Henderson, and Winnemucca. Our work is represented in some of the finest buildings from Yerington to Indian Springs. Contact us today for your next Nevada construction project.


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