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Sletten Construction Company has been helping to build this great state for many years. Our construction projects include facilities such as airport, gaming, casino, hospitality, hotel, hospital, educational, university, campus, schools, auditorium, transportation, law enforcement, prison, detention, justice, water reclamation, bus, maintenance, reservoir, pumping station, and more. The odds are, if you have ever visited the great state of Nevada, you have probably been in one or more buildings that we've constructed. Sletten quickly becomes the construction company of choice for all of our clients. Unlike most others, for Sletten, on time and on the budget is the standard operating procedure. After all, when it comes to building your project, we don't like surprises and neither do you.

We provide expert full-service, design and build services with our various divisions. Our Sletten casino construction companies Las Vegas team is here to develop your project with experienced precision. So is our bridge, interchange, and highway team, our prison, justice and law enforcement team, hotel team, our university, tech, and school campus team, our water reclamation, pump station, and reservoir team and all the rest. The point is, Sletten has been constructing the Western United States since 1928 and we are continuously growing and expanding our experience and knowledge base, right along with our services. So, if you need something built, not only can you count on Sletten, we probably have more experience in that field than anyone else.

Sletten teams are very carefully selected. We consider ourselves the best and therefore, we only hire the very best people. Our talent pool is second to none, as we are committed to providing the top experts in the field so you can be sure your project is being done right.

Below are a few of the countless projects we've completed in throughout our great state of Nevada. If you'd like to see examples of a project type not shown below, give us a call. We have plenty more to show you. And if you're ready to learn more about what Sletten has to offer, our team of professionals is here to meet with you to discuss your needs, budget and more. Give us a call!

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