Why Choose a LEED-Certified Construction Company for Your Texas Building Project

Our team at Sletten Construction includes construction professionals with reputable expertise in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is the most common system in the world for measuring how green and sustainable a building is, which makes it the most appropriate way to plan and deliver energy-efficient construction projects here in Texas. Let our LEED Accredited Professionals guide your next project as you meet and exceed the world’s highest standards for sustainable efficiency.

Our Construction Process

Sletten Construction has completed many successful projects in Texas, and our experience has led us to develop streamlined workflows. We start every project by consulting with the Owner until we fully understand their needs. We’re excellent collaborators and communicators, and we own the responsibility for every part of the project that falls within our scope.

Our Construction Services

We at Sletten Construction take pride in being among the most capable full-service construction companies in Texas. Our network of professionals allows us to assist with many aspects of a project, including all of the following:


  • Design / Build – We partner with an Architect, providing a single point of contact for design and construction.
  • Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) – Analyzing pre-construction documentation allows us to guarantee that a project won’t exceed a maximum price.
  • General Construction and Construction Management – Simply put, our clients leverage the best construction professionals in Texas to complete projects on time and within budget.


Texas Construction Companies

 Thanks to our range of capabilities, Sletten Companies can work on construction projects anywhere in Texas. We look forward to completing more projects throughout the Lone Star State. Contact us today to work with a leading Texas construction company.

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